About us

Company was founded by Mr. Želimir Zrnetić in Zagreb in year of 1993, and laid a foundation for a successful business on the Croatian market.

Busines begins by constructing, producing and selling knives and chains to dig channels in Croatia for the purpose of laying telecommunications lines, gas or water.

Chains and knives for machines brand "CASE" and "Ditch Witch". Based on years of experience of the company owner in designing, manufacturing and sale of industrial and transport chains in the Croatian market, the company's business is expanding in various branches of industry, wood processing, food processing, metal processing, paper industry, power plants, sugar mills, brick production and other branches of manufacturing industry in Croatia. Through many years of professional and responsible business, the company has built a successful relationship with our partners from the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and other countries in the region.

Our location


Argola d.o.o. Address : Karažnik 5, 10090 Zagreb. t/f : 01 / 3456-512 mob : 098 / 966-3655 e-mail : argola@argola-zagreb.hr

Željka Zrnetić Hršak, dipl. Oec.
Director, Commercial business. t/m : 098 / 557-424 e-mail : zeljka.zrnetic.hrsak@argola-zagreb.hr

Bruno Zrnetić, Ing. Mech
Technical department t/m : 098 / 1885-967 e-mail : bruno.zrnetic@argola-zagreb.hr