Czech company RETEZY Vamberk spol. Sro is one of the largest chains manufacturer in Central Europe.

The company produces chains from 1939, and now has modern equipment in its production facilities with 3D design technology that guarantee the highest quality products with long-term expertise of people in that area.

The two companies cooperate for many years on a very profesional level. Business and cooperation continues and the company Argola Ltd. became a general distributor in 2017. for RETEZY Vamberk on the Croatian market.


Argola d.o.o. Address : Karažnik 5, 10090 Zagreb. t/f : 01 / 3456-512 mob : 098 / 966-3655 e-mail :

Željka Zrnetić Hršak, dipl. Oec.
Director, Commercial business. t/m : 098 / 557-424 e-mail :

Bruno Zrnetić, Ing. Mech
Technical department t/m : 098 / 1885-967 e-mail :